Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Scandal That Rocked The Foundation Of Ring Of Honor

Rob Feinstien's company RF Video was desperate to find a replacement for it's top seller ECW so in 2002 he founded Ring Of Honor. ROH became a huge sucess and Feinstien was on top of the world. Until it all came crashing down on a March day in 2004. Feinstien was caught in a online sting set up by perverted-justice.com to catch sexual predator's. Feinstien was talking online to an agent who he believed was a 14 year boy. Feinstien told the boy he was 22, he was acutally 34, and wrestled for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He arranged to meet at the boys house for sex. When Feinstien showed up he was met by a news crew. Police never brought any charges against him but the incident had a disastrious effect on ROH, causing a temporary split from TNA Wrestling. Feinstien went on to sell all of his shares in ROH to Carey Silken.

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